Robert Francis Flor

Inspiring Coming-of-Age Poems and Other Community Arts

Robert Francis Flor has appeared in numerous publications related to community arts. Along with his coming-of-age poems, he also writes about social justice, family, as well as documentary poetry. His plays focus on Filipinos living in and contributing to America. 

 Alaskero Memories, a coming-of-age poetry collection, recounting his summers in the Alaska canneries in the 1960s was published by Carayan Press. His autobiographical poetry carries us on his summer journeys laboring on a Filipino crew.  We come to know men and women, living and working in a small, fishing town on the Aleutian Penisula, as a lens peering into American society.  It can be ordered at for $12 tax and postage not included . His other work can also be seen in various literary magazines and anthologies:

• Raven Chonicles 
• Soundings Review
• Four Cornered Universe
• Four and Twenty Journal
• Wanderlust Journal
• Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry Review
• Poets against the War

• Baseball Bard
• Seattle Post Intelligencer (2005) 
• Field of Mirrors Anthology (2008) 
• Voices of the Asian American Experience (University of Santa Cruz) 
• Where Are You From? (Thymos Book Project, Portland, Oregon, 2012) 
• Salamangka's Barber Shop ({M}aganda Magazine, Un. of California Berkley, 2015) 

Robert's plays involve life in the Filipino community in Seattle. His first play, "The Injury" was a lighthearted comedy about Filipino baseball players based on a softball team. He recently completed "Salamangka's Barber Shop" a play about a young man in conversation with a magical barber, who enlists the help of Carlos Bulosan, renowned poet, and Bobby Balcena, the first Filipino professional baseball players for help. His other works maybe read at and include:

  • Daniel's Mood (Studio Selection, Freehold Theatre, 2011) 
  • The FAYTs - The Filipino American Young Turks (2013) (Currently in revision)
  • My Uncle's Letters (ACT Theatre's Multicultural Playwrights Festival, 2014) 
  •  Pinoys Play Ball (work in progress)
  •  The Injury (ten-minute play, Eclectic Theater Festival in Seattle, 2013)
  •  Pinoy Hill (ten-minute play, Eclectic Theater Festival in Seattle, 2014)
  •  Pinakbet (ten-minute play, Eclectic Theater, 2015)                                    
  • Salamangka's Barber Shop (reading, Burien Actors Theatre, 2015)                            
  • Mabuhay Majesty (2016 Draft)
  • Salamangka Returns (2016 Draft)

Mabuhay Majesty

Mabuhay Majesty is a new full-length play and a historical "slice of life" from early 1960's Seattle. Two teen Filipino American girls are reluctant at their parent’s request to participate in the Seattle Filipino Community Queen Contest. The play explores the conflict traditional societies face when transitioning into a modern society.

The Injury
In this 10-minute, comedic play, Pedro, the catcher on Pinoy, a Filipino softball team in Seattle, is injured. Agui and Bags, two other players come to assist him leading to disagreements about caring for him. It previewed in the Eclectic Theater Festival, Seattle, June 2013. The cast included Matt de la Cruz as Pedro, Fernando Argosino as Agui and Miguel Morales as Bags.

 Pinoy Hill                                                                                                                                                                                                           "Pinoy Hill" was performed in 2014 in the Eclectic Theatre Festival.  The 10-minute play celebrates the Filipino community's annual July 4th picnic atop Seward Park in Seattle.  The entire community gathered for folk dances, music, food and the festival.  Families often arrived early competing for picnic tables.  The story pits Max, a teenager required by his father to guard a table, against the wishes of Auntie Rosario and her teen daughter, Anisa.  Ezra Sarmiento played Max, Anisa by Linda Cardona-Rigor and Auntie Rosario by Angie Gamido.

Pinabet                                                                                                                                                                                                                  "Pinakbet", a 2015 Eclectic Theater Festival selection, is a period piece set in Seattle, pre-World War II.  A young couple, Fernando (Matt Dela Cruz) and his girlfriend, Lois (Jana Gueck) find themselves at odds over his longing for his mother's food, marriage or possible return to the Philippines.  They're counseled by his compadre Pepe (Raul Edward Peyret) and by Felicita ( Laurie Torres) as both the invasion of the Philippines and Christmas near. 

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